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More than 60 authors and organizations will participate at this year’s ONLINE book and zine fair, including internationally acclaimed writers Claudia Piñeiro (Argentina), Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel (Equatorial Guinea), Olivia Teroba (México) and Yaissa Jiménez (Dominic Republic).
Thank you for your support and donation tickets, as this is the only way to continue this amazing project. If your organization or business would like to support this year’s book and zine fair please contact us.

London Spanish Book & Zine Fair is sponsored by La Tundra
Instituto Cervantes London and The European Bookshop

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Encuentro de Editoras
Join Mariza Bafile (ViceVersa Magazine), Lucila Carzoglio (Chop Suey Magazine)Flor Coll (femiñetas) and Silvia Demetilla (La Tundra Magazine), editors of independent media published in Spanish in the United StatesChinaSpain and the United Kingdom as they discuss how independent media survive in economic crisis, self-management, the digital era and the future of independent publishing.
In collaboration with Chop Suey Magazine, femiñetas, ViceVersa Magazine and La Tundra Magazine. Webinar in SPANISH
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Yaissa Jiménez
A conversation with Dominican writer Yaissa Jiménez that promises to be sharp and clear, without sacrificing the candid humidity of a tropical jungle. In the hands of the London-based, Venezuelan journalist Carla Tofano, we promise to unravel the uninterrupted moments of Yaissa’s poetry alongside her personal history. In collaboration with Metralla Rosa. Webinar in SPANISH
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Children classic stories debate
An arduous work of revision is proposed to those of us who have enjoyed and called into question classic children’s stories. Illustrators, writers and all the ones who are truly engaged in literary tours for kids will share enriching experiences in order to understand the importance of reading fairy tales during childhood. Join the debate with Juan ScaliterEsdian Boyadjian, Álex Falcón and Delia Montaña. Webinar in SPANISH
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In Conversation with Claudia Piñeiro
Claudia Piñeiro, the internationally acclaimed Argentine writer, will discuss her career, aspects of her novels and their adaptation for cinema, and will also share her views on the contemporary publishing landscape, the role of the writer as public intellectual, current feminist debates and inclusive language.with Fiona Mackintosh. Webinar in SPANISH
Sponsored by The European Bookshop
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Join Dominican fiction writer Karlina Veras in conversation with Argentinian poet Leo Boix and Latinx writer and actress Gäel Le Cornec as they discuss and share thoughts, experiences and their creative process as immigrant writers. WEBINAR in English 
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Translation with Adam Feinstein and Richard Gwyn
In this fascinating session, the distinguished translators Adam Feinstein and Richard Gwyn will discuss the specific challenges involved in translating poetry. What is the role of the translator: interpreter, intermediary between the poet and the reader? Is it ever possible to maintain the delicate balance between music and meaning, especially in two such different languages as Spanish and English? WEBINAR in English 
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Join a discussion on what it takes to work as a poet in the 21st century. Is it possible to speak of a crisis of poetry? And of a poetry of the crisis?

Coordinated and presented by Luis Elvira-Sierra with the participation of writers Eduardo EmbrySonia QuinteroConsuelo Rivera-Fuentes and Juan Toledo. Webinar in SPANISH
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Narratives of Migration
Patria Román and Jessica Retis will be discussing their recently published book Narratives of Migration, Relocation and Belonging.
In collaboration with FLAWA and Literary South. WEBINAR in English
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Join this session with Mexican writer Olivia Teroba to reflect about her book Un lugar seguro (México, Paraíso Perdido Editorial, 2019) about «the place» for to be a woman writer, holding a dialogue with the British writer Virginia Woolf and her ideas about the importance to have a room of one´s own. In collaboration with The Feminist Library. Webinar in SPANISH
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Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel in Conversation
Join Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel, the most recognized and internationally translated Equatorial Guinean author in conversation with José An. Montero and Inés Villodre. Through the author’s words we will discover the cultural clash between Spaniards and Guineans that constitutes the essence of his latest work, Cuando a Guinea se iba por mar (2019). 
Sponsored by Instituto Cervantes Webinar in SPANISH
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